mPowr Ltd. Launches a New Accrediting Body

The NRG Association, professional body and accrediting organisation of various development methods re-launched today with a new website and strategy for producing excellence in Complimentary Therapy and Personal Development arenas.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday 12th October 2009, London. The new accrediting body, nrgology, will assess and monitor the practice standards of professionals, using the methods of Martyn Pentecost. They will accredit a wide range of certificated training in therapies such as Celtic Reiki, Personal Development Systems such as the Viridian Method and The Key, plus Psychic Mediumship training from the vPsychic Systems.

The personal and business development methods of Martyn Pentecost are practiced and taught across the globe by thousands of people, some of whom have trained with Pentecost directly, others as second or third ‘generation’ students. These therapies and development tools, bring professional ethics and practice regulations to industries that have no tangible Government legislation in most parts of the world. Therefore, the practices offer a level of professionalism and ‘grounding’ unavailable in a lot of similar systems. The re-launch of the NRG, in the form of nrgology, provides continuity and a set of criteria for prospective clients and students.

“I’ve always believed in people’s individuality and their unique talents when it comes to therapies, development and what many term ‘psychic ability’. I also believe that every client and student has the right to know what to expect from a treatment or study course and to receive it. Over the years I’ve seen the industries I’m involved in become more concerned with ego and back-biting than care and respect for the clients. I’ve also seen the practices I work with distorted and misused. The re-launch of nrgology is a move in leading the way for other pioneers to instil a greater quality in their systems and a higher level of satisfaction for their clients.” – Martyn Pentecost, Founder of nrgology & Creative Director, mPowr Ltd.

As advocates of the introduction of regulation and a set of professional standards in the energy therapy and psychic development industries, nrgology also has a high regard for people’s beliefs and choices in areas that are often deeply personal and innately defining for the individual. The nrgology vision is to ensure professional quality and excellence of service, whilst catering for the ideals and philosophies that make each of us, unique.

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Press Release: mPowr Ltd launch first official Celtic Reiki publication

mPowr Ltd, the creative force behind, are bringing their immense knowledge in the field of alternative and complementary medicine to life through mPowr (Publishing) Ltd.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 25th September 2009, Surrey, United Kingdom

Today see’s the launch of mPowr (Publishing) Ltd’s first official release – “Celtic Reiki –Stories from the Sacred Grove” and the launch of the world’s only Celtic Reiki Home Experience

“Celtic Reiki – Stories From the Sacred Grove”, by Martyn Pentecost is the story behind the creation of this now globally respected complementary therapy. Celtic Reiki is a unique form of Reiki practice originated by Martyn. Like other forms of Reiki method, Celtic Reiki uses subtle energy to promote healing and well-being, except Celtic Reiki uses the perspective of trees to promote what some have referred to as a more ‘natural’ approach to energy therapy.

“The Celts believed in the oral tradition; sharing knowledge through talking, telling stories and passing on wisdom from master to student through the spoken word. ‘Stories from the Sacred Grove’ is a tribute to that philosophy. A mixture of tales that impart the knowledge I’ve learnt over the years of working with Celtic Reiki, from the profound, to the funny, to the heartbreaking” (Martyn Pentecost, Author)

“…Stories from the Sacred Grove” is a delightful way to discover the reality of creating such a powerful complementary therapy. Aimed at anyone with an interest in complementary therapy, Reiki (Celtic or otherwise) or someone looking for an engaging, heartfelt and inspirational read. The book aims to break out of the niche “mind, body and spirit” market and speak readers en masse.

Advance readership describes the book as “a wonderful, and beautifully conveyed journey, written in such an expressive and engaging way. Despite not knowing a single thing about Reiki, Celtic or otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading this book. The author’s sheer delight, passion, enthusiasm and joy for his “art” shine through in every paragraph, leaving you with a true sense of how it feels to create such an extraordinary system. This is not just a “mind body and spirit” book, this is the inspirational story of one man, courageous but flawed, who recognises that sometimes you just cant ignore the need to make a difference”

For readers who wish to explore the Celtic Reiki experience further, mPowr are also pleased to announce the release of the first ever Celtic Reiki Mastership – Home Experience. Martyn’s in-depth at home study package will take users through all levels of Celtic Reiki practice until full Mastery is achieved. Individuals who have invested in the Home Experience will also receive exclusive access to online content through the mPowr Realm (

About the Author
Martyn Pentecost is the originator of Celtic Reiki, the Viridian Method and many other forms of personal development systems. Having studied Quantum Physics and Linguistics at university, he now uses these to integrate traditional wisdom with modern knowledge, to create pioneering techniques for people across the globe. Having launched the mPowr Realm with business partner Richard Hagen, Martyn is keen to bring the transformative therapies to users’ living rooms with books, audio and visual aids and home study experiences.

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Author: Martyn Pentecost
Title: Celtic Reiki – Stories from the Sacred Grove
ISBN: 978-1-907282-01-0

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The mPowr Realm is here…..

….well almost!!

mPowr are very pleased to announce the launch of the Realm Experience; the profound ‘living storybook’ that invites you to explore the far reaches of your potential! As you enter the Realm, you will be transported to a magical world where anything can happen and probably will!

Yet this is no ordinary experience, because in order to enter the Realm, you need to weave your own story into it!

Now, herein lays the challenge! Our very own Clumpy has been working around the clock to get the Realm all nice and new-looking for you. He was having difficulties remembering the secret phrases needed to travel beyond the Gateway and into the Realm, so he wrote them down as a list of clues. Whilst Clumpy was tending to the Gateway Bluebells, those pesky Pillywiggins stole the clues and have hidden them all over the place. So our first adventure together to find the clues and gain entrance to the Realm begins!

The very first person to find their way into the Realm and create their ‘Avatar’ will not only have a statue erected in the Realm in their honour, they will also win a Dream Come True prize!!
So, grab your magic wand, place your thinking caps on your heads, and flit on over to the Realm Gateway:

We can’t wait to see you there!!

Press Release: Turning Extraordinary Dreams into Reality

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sept 14, 2009 – Surrey, United Kingdom

The launch of this unique experience is a truly exciting vision. It offers encounters online and through books, audio/visual media and events: an interactive and immersive journey into a story-like ‘Realm’ of enchantment. Whilst coaching and development companies base training upon an ‘E-Classrooms’ format— invites people to the Realm. A place of wonder that entrances, entertains and encourages each participant to realise their highest aspirations and dreams. This is achieved through a high level of user interaction that brings the Realm into the everyday world. The creators of mPowr intertwine their experience and knowledge of personal development techniques, complementary therapies, storytelling, ancient mystical arts and the modelling of successful people to form a profoundly personal, supportive and encouraging environment.

The mPowr Realm Experience has, until now, been an idea in our minds; an idea we have been working upon and which has been working upon us for a long time. Now others can be enchanted by this vision and experience a captivating way to remember their dreams and then discover that turning them into reality can be an exciting adventure. (Martyn & Richard, co-founders of mPowr Ltd)

mPowr Ltd plan is to open up chapters of the “living book” in stages. Stage 1 has already demonstrated success with a number of users signing up after having viewed intriguing viral videos. The remaining stages increase the amount of activity and interaction available: users are also given the chance to purchase add on products such as books, home courses or attend live events. mPowr believes its unique and innovative approach will engage, enthral and inspire users to make significant improvements in their lives. mPowr looks forward to engaging with a user demographic that is as unique and diverse as the company itself.

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mPowr Ltd forms a collaboration between Martyn Pentecost – originator of various personal development methods, including: Celtic Reiki, Viridian Method and Creative Writing Therapy (CWT); and Richard Hagen – a certified NLP Trainer, with over twenty years of experience in the not-for-profit sector. Both are passionate about enabling others enjoy the very best life has to offer through immersive content, effective strategies and compelling tales that drive transformation onwards. is the first stage in a comprehensive strategy to revolutionise the personal development industry, both in the UK and around the world.
Postal Address: mPowr Ltd, Suite 11352, 2nd Floor, 147-145 St John Street,
London, EC1V 4PY
Registered Address: Curzon House, 24 High Street, Banstead, Surrey, United Kingdom, SM7 2LJ

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