mPowr Ltd. Launches a New Accrediting Body

The NRG Association, professional body and accrediting organisation of various development methods re-launched today with a new website and strategy for producing excellence in Complimentary Therapy and Personal Development arenas.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday 12th October 2009, London. The new accrediting body, nrgology, will assess and monitor the practice standards of professionals, using the methods of Martyn Pentecost. They will accredit a wide range of certificated training in therapies such as Celtic Reiki, Personal Development Systems such as the Viridian Method and The Key, plus Psychic Mediumship training from the vPsychic Systems.

The personal and business development methods of Martyn Pentecost are practiced and taught across the globe by thousands of people, some of whom have trained with Pentecost directly, others as second or third ‘generation’ students. These therapies and development tools, bring professional ethics and practice regulations to industries that have no tangible Government legislation in most parts of the world. Therefore, the practices offer a level of professionalism and ‘grounding’ unavailable in a lot of similar systems. The re-launch of the NRG, in the form of nrgology, provides continuity and a set of criteria for prospective clients and students.

“I’ve always believed in people’s individuality and their unique talents when it comes to therapies, development and what many term ‘psychic ability’. I also believe that every client and student has the right to know what to expect from a treatment or study course and to receive it. Over the years I’ve seen the industries I’m involved in become more concerned with ego and back-biting than care and respect for the clients. I’ve also seen the practices I work with distorted and misused. The re-launch of nrgology is a move in leading the way for other pioneers to instil a greater quality in their systems and a higher level of satisfaction for their clients.” – Martyn Pentecost, Founder of nrgology & Creative Director, mPowr Ltd.

As advocates of the introduction of regulation and a set of professional standards in the energy therapy and psychic development industries, nrgology also has a high regard for people’s beliefs and choices in areas that are often deeply personal and innately defining for the individual. The nrgology vision is to ensure professional quality and excellence of service, whilst catering for the ideals and philosophies that make each of us, unique.

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