Our Vision

The mPowr vision is to guide and support people as they set out to achieve excellence in their lives. Through a unique, immersive Realm experience, people can explore the limits of their potential, grow in confidence, develop their self-esteem and personal abilities. With a vast reimagining of therapies and self-help techniques, originated by Martyn Pentecost, the mPowr company will produce books and other textual materials,plus audio and visual products, such as cds and dvds. There are also online experiences, such as the mPowrUnlimited.com website and other websites, strategically placed on the internet. And finally Home Learning Experiences and actual, live events that take the level of Advocate immersion even further. Eventually, the mPowr Realm will be a completely interactive experience, rather like a gaming environment, but with highly focussed, goal-orientated outcomes for Advocates to achieve in their everyday lives


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