Press Release: Turning Extraordinary Dreams into Reality

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sept 14, 2009 – Surrey, United Kingdom

The launch of this unique experience is a truly exciting vision. It offers encounters online and through books, audio/visual media and events: an interactive and immersive journey into a story-like ‘Realm’ of enchantment. Whilst coaching and development companies base training upon an ‘E-Classrooms’ format— invites people to the Realm. A place of wonder that entrances, entertains and encourages each participant to realise their highest aspirations and dreams. This is achieved through a high level of user interaction that brings the Realm into the everyday world. The creators of mPowr intertwine their experience and knowledge of personal development techniques, complementary therapies, storytelling, ancient mystical arts and the modelling of successful people to form a profoundly personal, supportive and encouraging environment.

The mPowr Realm Experience has, until now, been an idea in our minds; an idea we have been working upon and which has been working upon us for a long time. Now others can be enchanted by this vision and experience a captivating way to remember their dreams and then discover that turning them into reality can be an exciting adventure. (Martyn & Richard, co-founders of mPowr Ltd)

mPowr Ltd plan is to open up chapters of the “living book” in stages. Stage 1 has already demonstrated success with a number of users signing up after having viewed intriguing viral videos. The remaining stages increase the amount of activity and interaction available: users are also given the chance to purchase add on products such as books, home courses or attend live events. mPowr believes its unique and innovative approach will engage, enthral and inspire users to make significant improvements in their lives. mPowr looks forward to engaging with a user demographic that is as unique and diverse as the company itself.

To begin the journey of enchantment for yourself, visit:


mPowr Ltd forms a collaboration between Martyn Pentecost – originator of various personal development methods, including: Celtic Reiki, Viridian Method and Creative Writing Therapy (CWT); and Richard Hagen – a certified NLP Trainer, with over twenty years of experience in the not-for-profit sector. Both are passionate about enabling others enjoy the very best life has to offer through immersive content, effective strategies and compelling tales that drive transformation onwards. is the first stage in a comprehensive strategy to revolutionise the personal development industry, both in the UK and around the world.
Postal Address: mPowr Ltd, Suite 11352, 2nd Floor, 147-145 St John Street,
London, EC1V 4PY
Registered Address: Curzon House, 24 High Street, Banstead, Surrey, United Kingdom, SM7 2LJ

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