The mPowr Realm is here…..

….well almost!!

mPowr are very pleased to announce the launch of the Realm Experience; the profound ‘living storybook’ that invites you to explore the far reaches of your potential! As you enter the Realm, you will be transported to a magical world where anything can happen and probably will!

Yet this is no ordinary experience, because in order to enter the Realm, you need to weave your own story into it!

Now, herein lays the challenge! Our very own Clumpy has been working around the clock to get the Realm all nice and new-looking for you. He was having difficulties remembering the secret phrases needed to travel beyond the Gateway and into the Realm, so he wrote them down as a list of clues. Whilst Clumpy was tending to the Gateway Bluebells, those pesky Pillywiggins stole the clues and have hidden them all over the place. So our first adventure together to find the clues and gain entrance to the Realm begins!

The very first person to find their way into the Realm and create their ‘Avatar’ will not only have a statue erected in the Realm in their honour, they will also win a Dream Come True prize!!
So, grab your magic wand, place your thinking caps on your heads, and flit on over to the Realm Gateway:

We can’t wait to see you there!!